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Receive high-quality fabrics such as PP Dola Fabric, Kesar Check Fabric, PC Vichitra Silk Fabric, etc.

About Us

We, Orange Knitt Fab, started out as a manufacturer and supplier of a varied selection of fabrics in the year 2016. We have established a strong reputation for supplying a diverse range of products, such as Micro Crepe Fabric, Nylon Bright Square Net Fabric, PC Vichitra Buti Silk Fabric, Kesar Check Fabric, PP Vichitra Fabric, Nylon Butterfly Net Fabric and so on. Despite increased competition in the fabric industry, we have maintained a steady pace of growth and a significant market share by focusing on attractive product prices, quick order fulfilment, as well as excellent customer service. Our ability to maintain a high level of integrity with our clientele is also a contributing reason to our steady market expansion.

Management Of Quality

As a company specializing in various types of fabrics, quality management has always been the biggest concern for us and it can be observed throughout our extensive product line-up. From sourcing raw materials until product creation, we rely heavily on upholding the top quality regulations throughout the process. The following are some of our key quality management initiatives:

  • We always get our raw materials from well-known and dependable vendors of the industry.
  • We ensure that our facilities are outfitted with high-quality machines and equipment that run at peak efficiency.
  • We make certain that all of our produced goods surpass the best quality norms.
  • We also make certain that the packing materials of goods are of superior quality.

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is built on a progressive architectural pattern and spans a wide area, allowing us to execute all the operations with efficiency. We have a high-tech production unit in our infrastructure in which the most up-to-date machinery & equipment are fitted. We use all necessary resources of the infrastructure to manufacture an excellent product range that includes Nylon Bright Square Net Fabric, Kesar Check Fabric, Nylon Butterfly Net Fabric, PP Vichitra Fabric, Micro Crepe Fabric, PC Vichitra Buti Silk Fabric, etc. Our infrastructure also includes a large warehouse facility where the manufactured items are properly stored after passing rigorous quality inspections. We are able to provide items to clients swiftly and as needed since the goods are always stored in an organized manner.

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